The Blackwire 700 series takes USB corded headsets to another level, connecting to your PC with the reliability of a cord or to a mobile phone with the freedom of Bluetooth (710/720 only). Get professional audio quality, and simple call controls to answer and end calls, adjust volume, and mute. Advanced smart sensor technology lets you answer calls by simply putting on the headset, and also pauses mobile-device playback when you take it off. Take mobile calls in or out of the office with the detachable cable (710/720 only). Enjoy up to 10 hours of talk time, ear cushions that fold flat, and a durable carrying case.

Blackwire 700 Datasheet


The Blackwire 500 series corded USB headsets are the smart choice for anyone who needs unmatched audio quality, all-day comfort, and easy portability – all in a durable package. When a call comes in, just put the headset on. Its smart sensor technology automatically answers and provides audio alerts to manage connection, mute, and volume status. With wideband audio, noise-cancelling microphone, and hi-fi stereo, you always get clear, natural, and rich audio. The unique Dynamic EQ feature adjusts and optimises audio settings on the fly, creating the best sound for voice, music, and multimedia.

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The Blackwire 435 is a professional-quality USB headset that’s discreet and portable. The headset features a modular over-the-ear design, so you can wear it with two earbuds for stereo or convert it to one earbud for mono use – it’s up to you. The streamlined design and superior audio quality make this headset ideal for videoconferencing, PC telephony, and multimedia use. It offers call controls to answer and end calls, adjust volume, and mute for easy call management, with inline indicator lights that show call or mute status. Includes a carrying case for portability.

Blackwire 435 Datasheet


The Blackwire 300 series corded USB headsets are the economical choice for individuals new to PC communications and for organisations that want a powerful but easy-to-use UC solution to roll out and manage. It’s the clear, entry-level choice for conference calls, Web-based training, and multimedia, with simple controls to answer and end calls, adjust volume, and mute. The metal headband is light and durable, delivering a comfortable and secure fit. And the unique Dynamic EQ feature lets you enjoy vibrant, clear sound quality while adjusting settings on the fly

Blackwire 300 Datasheet


The EncorePro 540 headset has a cutting-edge design that converts to three wearing styles, delivering no-compromise audio performance regardless of how it’s worn. Each call is unique, and so is the way your team wears their headsets. All three styles of the 540 are tough but comfortable, and the flexible design lets you simplify inventory. Give your team a choice that matches their personal style with performance.

EncorePro 540 Datasheet

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