The stable, comfortable water and sweat-proof Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless stereo headphones provide all the power, safety features, and premium audio you need to stay motivated and moving, indoors or out.

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The BackBeat PRO wireless headphones provide the perfect answer to tune out the world and tune into your thoughts – Active Noise Canceling. Switch it on when you need to silence the noise around you, turning a modern, open office layout or long flight into a private concert. You can also listen longer with up to 24 hours of listening time, and when you want to check back in, use the adjustable OpenMic™ to control the level of ambient noise you hear without having to remove your headphones. When you’re on the road, the fold-flat earcup design, travel sleeve and cables let you travel with ease.

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Savi 700 series headsets give you the freedom to roam up to 120 metres (350 feet) from your desk and still stay connected to multiple communication devices. Easily manage and switch between PC, desk phone, and mobile calls from a single wireless headset. Choose from four different wearing styles, including the lightest Plantronics DECT™ headset on the market (Savi 740/745) that features a replaceable battery for unlimited talk time.* You can also answer/end, mute, and control volume right from your headset. This intelligent system combines best-in-class sound quality and hands-free mobility for ultimate efficiency

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Savi 400 series headsets are perfect for PC-based office and virtual workers. It’s the only portable USB wireless headset system with DECT technology and it lets you roam up to 100 metres (300 feet) from your PC. You can also control call answer/end, volume, and mute functions right from your headset. Experience amazing audio quality, and for increased portability, there’s a high-qualitycarrying case. Choose from four wearing styles, including the Savi 440/445 headset, the lightest Plantronics DECT headset on the market. The Savi series also features a replaceable battery for unlimited talk time.

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The CS500 series continues to set the standard in desk phone communication and wireless mobility with a sleek contemporary design and premium wideband audio quality. Choose from four wearing styles, including the lightest Plantronics DECT headset on the market (CS540). Go mobile and multitask up to 120 metres (350 feet) from your desk with simple call controls to answer and end calls, adjust volume, and mute. With its reputation for reliability, and its power to increase your hands-free productivity, this latest generation of CS systems carries the banner forward with new ergonomics and technology.

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The Voyager Legend CS headset system lets you work how and where you want. Allowing users to connect to both a desk phone and a mobile phone, it features our flagship Bluetooth® headset with a sleek and contemporary design. The headset includes industry-first smart sensor technology, enabling you to answer calls simply by placing the headset on your ear. At your desk or in a café, enjoy enterprise-grade audio, with noise-cancelling technology that blocks out nearby voices, car horns, even wind. The Voyager Legend CS is simple to set up and use, and with its available accessories such as a portable charging case and USB adapter, you can customise it to match your work style.

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The Voyager Legend headsets are ideal for those who are on the go. It delivers all-day comfort as well as unsurpassed audio clarity with precision-tuned triple-mics that cancel noise and wind. The Voyager Legend UC headset brings this best seller to Unified Communications, providing connectivity to PC*,smartphone, and tablet. With Voyager Legend, you’ll be treated to smart sensor technology that anticipates your needs, voice alerts that keep you informed,and voice commands that put you in charge. With technology this nimble,Voyager Legend and Voyager Legend UC headsets truly are built for how you work today – and into the future.

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Smart and powerful, the Voyager Edge Bluetooth headsets are designed for your nonstop life. The slim, lightweight design fits quickly and comfortably in your ear and signature Plantronics audio technology eliminates disruptive background noise. Call management features let you take a call by simply putting on the headset, or manage an incoming call by saying “answer” or “ignore.” The portable charging case keeps Voyager Edge ready when you are and the Voyager Edge UC headset brings seamless connectivity to your PC*.

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