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OmniTel Namibia’s Service Guarantee

At OmniTel Namibia (Pty) Ltd. we understand that investing in a telephone system is a significant decision for your business. That’s why we go beyond simply offering telephone systems. We are dedicated to being your trusted partner throughout the process.

We provide personalized advice and tailored planning to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale; we are always available to support you as your needs evolve and your system’s performance needs to be adjusted.

As an established global vendor, like Atos Unify, we have a strong presence in Namibia. With over 160 years of experience, Siemens / Atos Unify has played a crucial role in shaping Southern Africa’s communication infrastructures.

Rest assured, when you choose us, you’re investing in one of the world’s top telephone systems. Unify is renowned as a leader in electronic engineering technologies and proudly serves an impressive 33% of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

Experience the excellence of our telephone systems and partner with us for all your communication needs.

The Service Organization

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Atos Unify equipment, it is highly recommended to have an OmniTel Namibia maintenance contract. This contract provides you with continuous reliability and serviceability, giving you peace of mind.

With an OmniTel Namibia maintenance contract, we guarantee that any system issues will be swiftly addressed. You can easily report faults directly to our help-desk based in Windhoek, Namibia. Our dedicated team is available to assist you, and we strive to have your system operational again within 24 hours.

Our extensive service infrastructure supports over 1600 PBX installations across the country. We maintain a comprehensive central database that records all service requests, including important details such as customer name, address, service reference number, fault reported, equipment type, assigned service technician, and the actual fault and resolution.

By choosing an OmniTel Namibia maintenance contract, you are ensuring the uninterrupted performance of your Atos Unify equipment while benefiting from our robust service network and efficient fault resolution process. Experience hassle-free maintenance and maximize the lifespan of your Unify system with our reliable support services.

Country-wide Service

OmniTel Namibia has been at the forefront of Southern Africa’s evolving communication landscape for several decades. Our commitment to Namibia’s diverse industries has positioned us as a trusted provider for a wide range of products and services.

With service centers strategically located throughout the country, including Windhoek, Lüderitz, Swakopmund, and along the entire Namibian coast, as well as in Gobabis and various other locations in the eastern and northern parts of Namibia, OmniTel Namibia ensures comprehensive coverage.

Our team of over 14 highly skilled technicians is dedicated to delivering prompt and precise service. We understand the critical importance of operational reliability when it comes to your telephone system, and we leave nothing to chance.

In addition to our extensive PBX service organization, our Technical Department offers comprehensive system and product support. This includes access to our research and development facilities, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements and provide you with the best solutions.

Partner with OmniTel Namibia for all your communication needs, and experience the reliability, efficiency, and dedicated support that sets us apart. We are ready to serve you and contribute to the success of your business.

OmniTel Namibia’s Service Level Classifications


To provide an urgency of response we endeavor to achieve the following: Upon report by the customer of a breakdown or deterioration in service attributable to the equipment, the OmniTel Help-desk Adminstrator, together with the customer, will determine the code type applicable.

For the purpose of a simplified guideline the following codes and corresponding response times may be expected:

Type A Response (1-2 HOURS)
This code is normally allocated if the system is in-operative 50% or more of its capacity up to a complete system failure.

  • All Operator consoles out of service.
  • Critical extension or trunk line failure
  • Any other failure of major consequence to the customer

Type B Response (2-4 HOURS)
This is normally allocated where up to 50% system failure is being experienced.

  • Major cross talk.
  • One way speech or frequent cut offs.
  • Similar semi urgent fault conditions.

Type C Response (4-12 HOURS)
Such faults are geneneraly of minor consequence, such as

  • Extension faults.
  • Failure of auxiliary equipment – not major to the function of the main equipment.
  • General faults which may be attended to in this time frame.

Type D Response (1-7 days)

  • Such as facility changes / programming changes.
  • Augmentations and installations.
  • Customer Specific Integration and Development
  • Traffic studies

Please note that response times are working hours measured from the time the fault was reported by the customer to the OmniTel Namibia Help-desk in Windhoek and not to individuals or Technicians on “Customer Sites”, until the arrival of the Technician at the Customer’s premises. Travelling time to be allocated for customers outside 50 km radius or service centres.

Maintenance Agreement Benefits

The maintenance agreement will provide the following benefits to the customer:

  • All Fault-related service requests will be free of charge with no limits on the amount of visits or hours spend during working hours. After-hour’s service requests will be against very favourable labour rates. N$560 per hour.
  • PBX systems are covered against lightning damage as well as fluctuations in the main electricity supply. The only exclusions are theft, fire (building) and water damage.
  • Programming changes: N$220.00 per ten changes remotely and N$450.00 per ten changes on site.
  • Cable point installation: N$450.00 per indoor point.
  • Customers who have a Maintenance Agreement in place will receive service priority over Non-Contractual Customers.
  • Guaranteed response times as per Service Level Classifications.
  • Access to 24 hour standby service of a qualified service engineer.
  • Access to free advice regarding their telephone equipment.

Help-desk Contact Details

Fixed Line: +264 (61) 278 777
Fax: +264 (61) 278 778
After Hours Standby: +264 (81) 127 7723
Email: [email protected]